Soule & Stull, LLC


Soule & Stull Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

January 27, 2018.  Soule & Stull celebrated its Fourth Anniversary with family at Butcher & the Boar in Minneapolis.   George Soule and Melissa Stull started their firm in February 2014.  Kelly Street and Kevin Curry have been with the firm almost from its start, Meghan Feliciano joined us in 2016, and Alice McGlave and Anna Veit-Carter started in 2017.  Retired Justice Paul Anderson and Judge John McShane provide mediation and arbitration and consulting services.  “We have several trials on our docket in 2018, which promises to be our most productive year,” George Soule said.  The firm focuses on product liability, commercial litigation, personal injury and property damage, Indian law, appeals, and alternative dispute resolution.

On the passing of John Anderson

December 5, 2017.  We note with respect and admiration the passing of former Congressman and Presidential candidate John Anderson this week.  George served as Minnesota Coordinator of Congressman Anderson’s campaign for President in 1979-1980.  In George’s words:  “I met John Anderson in 1978, after he expressed interest in running for President.  He came to Massachusetts and I helped with a few campaign meetings.  He even stayed in our spartan law school apartment one night (there were no hotel rooms available).  When I returned to Minnesota after graduating law school, I became coordinator of his campaign in Minnesota.  I met with him several times on campaign trips to Minnesota.  He was a brilliant man and gifted orator.  He based his run for President on the issues, and he spoke honestly to the voters.  He inspired thousands of Minnesotans and got many of us started in politics and public service.  In this divided, caustic political time, his passing reminds us of better days in our nation’s political life. To this day, I am proud to have worked on his campaign.”

Soule & Stull welcomes Anna Veit-Carter!

Justice Paul Anderson Received Minnesota Lawyer’s Diversity & Inclusion Award

October 12, 2017. Minnesota Lawyer honored Justice Paul Anderson in its first year celebrating individuals and organizations that have promoted diversity and inclusion in Minnesota’s legal community. A life-long advocate for diversity, the Justice mentored and worked with many of his co-recipients. Anderson says “If you want to be part of our system, you’re not going to bring bias into a courtroom.”

George Soule speaks on Judicial Appointments at MAIBA Judicial Boot Camp

September 15, 2017. George Soule spoke today at the 2017 Judicial Boot Camp sponsored by the Minnesota American Indian Bar Association and Infinity Project. George discussed strategies for preparing for and seeking a judicial appointment. He participated on panels with United States Magistrate Judge Tony Leung, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Natalie Hudson, and White Earth Nation Chief Judge Robert Blaeser. The seminar was intended to prepare American Indian lawyers to achieve judicial positions – on state, federal and tribal benches. George is past President of MAIBA and serves on the Board of the Infinity Project.

Soule & Stull and friends cheer Twins to victory

September 12, 2017.  Soule & Stull attorneys, clients, family and friends attended tonight’s Twins v. Padres game in the Minnesota Ballpark Authority Suite.  (The Twins hit home runs in the first seven innings and won 16-0!)  The firm “won” use of the suite in a raffle sponsored by Daily Work, a St. Paul non-profit agency that provides case management, coaching and technical help to struggling job seekers in the community.  Soule & Stull is proud to support the work of Daily Work.

George Soule Appointed Appellate Judge for Lower Sioux Indian Community

August 2017.  The Lower Sioux Indian Community appointed George Soule to serve as Appellate Judge.  George will hear appeals from the Community’s Tribal Court.  George is now an appellate judge for four of Minnesota’s 11 tribes, including the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, Prairie Island Indian Community, and Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa.

George is a member of the White Earth Band and is a past President of the Minnesota American Indian Bar Association.


George Soule speaks on Racial Gerrymandering at Minnesota CLE Supreme Court’s Big New Decisions Seminar

August 9, 2017.  George Soule spoke today at a Minnesota CLE Seminar about the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decisions in racial gerrymandering cases.  George also previewed the Court’s consideration of Whitford v. Gill, a partisan gerrymandering case out of Wisconsin.  George’s presentation was titled “Analyzing Voter Redistricting Amid Claims of Racial Gerrymandering.”