On the passing of Sandy Keith

October 3, 2020. We mourn the passing of friend and mentor Sandy Keith. Sandy served as Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court from 1990 to 1998. He also served as a Minnesota State Senator from Rochester and as Lieutenant Governor. He ran unsuccessfully for Governor in 1966. (That race was featured in a Minnesota history book “The Twenty-First Ballot.) George worked with Sandy in bar committees and activities and served as Co-Chair of Sandy’s election committee in 1992. In George’s words: “Sandy was my friend and mentor. He cared passionately about Minnesota and its people, as evidenced by his service in all three branches of Minnesota government. Sandy was also a walking, talking Minnesota history book. He participated in (or observed) all of the significant political events in Minnesota for almost 50 years, and he had great stories to tell. Sandy was an excellent judge, an inspiring leader, and a statesman.”