On the passing of John Anderson

December 5, 2017.  We note with respect and admiration the passing of former Congressman and Presidential candidate John Anderson this week.  George served as Minnesota Coordinator of Congressman Anderson’s campaign for President in 1979-1980.  In George’s words:  “I met John Anderson in 1978, after he expressed interest in running for President.  He came to Massachusetts and I helped with a few campaign meetings.  He even stayed in our spartan law school apartment one night (there were no hotel rooms available).  When I returned to Minnesota after graduating law school, I became coordinator of his campaign in Minnesota.  I met with him several times on campaign trips to Minnesota.  He was a brilliant man and gifted orator.  He based his run for President on the issues, and he spoke honestly to the voters.  He inspired thousands of Minnesotans and got many of us started in politics and public service.  In this divided, caustic political time, his passing reminds us of better days in our nation’s political life. To this day, I am proud to have worked on his campaign.”