Soule & Stull Tries Case in Florida

Civil Justice Center, Gainsville, FLMarch 6, 2015 – George and Melissa spent last week in Gainesville, Florida defending Vermeer Manufacturing Company in a lawsuit brought in Alachua County. Nidal Boughannam sued Alachua Farm & Lumber, Vermeer Manufacturing Company, and Vermeer Southeast Sales for injuries he sustained to his foot while standing near a Vermeer stump cutter. Vermeer and Soule & Stull defended the design of the stump cutter, explaining throughout litigation and trial that the stump cutter was well designed and did not cause Mr. Boughannam’s accident. After three days of trial, plaintiffs’ counsel voluntarily dismissed plaintiffs’ claims against Vermeer and its dealer with prejudice.

Soule & Stull is happy to report this trial victory and looks forward to the next opportunity to defend its clients at trial.